Making Your Brand Work

One of the first things people rush to do when they have a business idea is to design a website and create a logo. I know this because I have been there before. Whilst a good website and a distinctive logo constitutes an important part of your brand, those things in of themselves do not suffice as your business brand.

Your business brand is defined by the perception clients and potential clients have of the service your business provides.

Never forget this point. If you have poor tasting muffins or terrible clothing design, a nice logo will not improve your brand nor will a glitzy website save your business.
Think about it this way, if your see a cake that looks very appealing to the eye but when you take a bite, it tastes like ash, you will not want to take another bite again, no matter how nice the cake looks.
This is not to say a good website and a distinctive logo is irrelevant. In fact no one will think of eating a cake if it looks like it was pulled from a trash can. However if you are going to have a very good website or logo then you had better have a solid business service behind it.

 A good website or logo goes a long way to reinforcing the quality behind your business.

At Morade Media, our brand is based around delivering what our client's want. It is why we spend time to understand the customer's business, their target market and their perspective. Once we understand our customer's needs we are able to produce something that projects a relevant image of our customers.

In summary to build a good brand. You must:

  1. Know your market
  2. Deliver the service expected by your customers
  3. Create an attractive front to reinforce your brand

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